Dozen of revelers die in Lake Victoria

A cruise boat capsized killing at least 31 people.

The boat was carrying more than 100 people when the tragedy occurred near Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

Among the deceased was Yoweri Musumba, a top official in Kabaka, a traditional kingdom.

Part of the statement sent by the kingdom’s spokesperson Noah Kiyimba read; ‘The kingdom of Buganda grieves with relatives of the victims of the Lake Victoria accident. It is a pity. Among the victims was Yoweri Musumba. We pray to God they rest in peace.’

Police had seen people sealing holes in the cruise boat while it was still in the water.

The number of people who perished would have been worse had the police not insisted on people wearing the life jackets.

Others gave up entering the boat when the police insisted on people wearing the life jackets.

Local officials said two fishing boats that had come to save the victims also capsized due to overload.

The scores of the exact number of people who perished has not been confirmed.

The police have stopped the search.


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