By: Simon Mwendwa Peter

Every Kenyan or anyone following the Kenyan political scenario must be aware of one community, The Abagusii community. If awards for the most remarkable community would be held now, then the award for the most branded community would definitely go to the Abagusii people. In the recent past, several individuals from the Abagusii community have made a mark on matters pertaining integrity.

The first member of the Abagusii community, who came strongly into the limelight, is the current cabinet secretary for education and acting CS for internal security, Dr Fred Matiang’i. Since his appointment as the cabinet secretary, Dr Fred Matiang’i has proved be a no nonsense administrator when it comes to execution of his duties. He is attributed for the historic abolishment of exam irregularities in national examinations, most notably the year 2016, a year that registered an irregularity free national exam.

The second strong son of the Abagusii people is Justice David Maraga. Maraga was the first African judge to have ever nullified a presidential election. David Maraga was appointed Chief Justice to head the Kenyan judiciary after the retirement of Chief Justice Willy Mutunga. Many perceived it as a decision that restored trust in the Kenyan judicial system

In the now developing story, exiled IEBC commissioner Dr Roselyn Akombe resigned in the wake of 18th October 2017. In a letter sent by the former IEBC commissioner, she cited various concerns which led to her resignation. This culminated to rise in tensions amongst Kenyan patriots. The damning statement revealed internal miscommunication within the electoral body. Furthermore, she elaborated on the commission’s unpreparedness for the forthcoming elections as the country gears up for fresh presidential poll.

Ms Akombe, a former employee of the UN as an under-secretary is a Kenyan aged 41 years old from Nyamira County. She studied a bachelor’s degree in the University of Nairobi and later proceeded for masters and PhD degrees in America where she has spent most of her life and is where she fled to after resignation.

More drama is expected to emanate from the anniversary towers. The patriots wait to see hoping the ever unending drama and divisive politics will not plunge this country into the darkness.


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