PHOTO COURTESY// Kenya Manufacturing sector
PHOTO COURTESY// Kenya Manufacturing sector

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers says the sector is on a negative trajectory and there is need to address pertinent issues affecting its growth.

According to World Bank report released in December 2017, the sector has been stagnating in growth per G.D.P compared to other players of the economy.

In an interview on Thursday, March 15th at a local media show the KAM boss Ms. Flora Mutahi said in 2016 the sector was operating at 9.2 to the GDP.

“The manufacturing sector is not growing as other sectors of the economy because of the environment it operates in,” Ms Mutahi noted, “there is need of competitiveness, access to market, a lot of predictability, policies among other reasons.”

The KAM chairperson noted that it was important to note that the government had put efforts to stabilize the sector and address what is making the sector stagger.

“While at KAM, we try to make the industry competitive; the government should address the cost of doing business, the cost of energy and if there are right skills for manufactures,” the chairperson noted.

The government has however put structures to improve the sector with manufacturing as one of its big four plans. On the other hand, the manufactures are urging the government to make the fiscal policies predictable as it checks the cost of infrastructure.


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