Jambo Jet

By Anne Kerubo

Kenya’s low cost carrier, Jambo jet has increased its flight frequency to the country’s coastal tourist destinations owing to the rising demand on transportation ahead of the December festive season.

It is set to boost the daily flights to Malindi from 9 to 14 which would result in 780 extra seats. Daily flights to Ukunda will also be augmented to 14 from the current 10 raising the travelers capacity by 672.

Jambojet CEO Willem Hondius said: “The increase in frequency not only addresses the high demand of domestic tourists travelling to Kenya’s favored holiday destination in Mombasa, Malindi and Ukunda but to also offer flexibility and flight variety to our customers. We have increased our frequencies to Mombasa from 38 to 49 flights, which translates to 7 frequencies daily, an additional 1,092 seats weekly.”

Hondius noted that Kenyans are taking more initiative to tour different destinations after working all year round.

“The Kenyan coast is a favorite to many thus as the people’s airline we have to tailor our operations to offer more flexibility and meet the needs of our clients,” he said.

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, there has been a remarkable improvement in the number of domestic travel and tourism since 2014 when more domestic tourists than foreign ones were accommodated in hotel rooms in the country. As a result, domestic travel spending generated 60.8% of direct travel and tourism’s contribution to the Gross Domestic Product in 2016 compared to 39.2 % for international tourism receipts, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

Some of the factors which have led to the rise in domestic tourism in the country include  convenient and affordable travel options, improved infrastructure and the appreciation of holidays as a rejuvenating experience, unlike back in the days when many perceived it to be a mere luxury.


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