Raila Odinga, the ODM party leader, now says Referundum is for the people to decide. Speaking during a senatorial campaign held in Migori county, Raila said it will be as a result of consultation with the building the bridges innitiative.

“I did not say that Referendum is a must. If Kenyan’s want a Referendum they must have it, but this is going to be a of consultatioins between the Building the Bridges Innitiative and the People of Kenya.” Raila added that, “I want those who are guilty, responsible for the brutal murder of so many young girls in our country brought to book.”

The former Presidential candidate in the previous 2017 Election, says they want justice for the manslaughter of late Sharon Otieno. Odinga added that thier are laws and legal frame work that needs to be fixed.

Raila’s sentiments were emphasized by his ODM lutenants who endorsed Ochilo Ayacko as the most favaraouble candidate. The party’s Secretary General, John Mbadi, and Director of Election, Junet Mohamed, said that the Deputy President is a, “Con Man.”


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